Cinema-Out on the land in Alaska

‘Out on the land’ movie is an add-on to a Travel Diary about Alaska, which came out in E-book format courtesy of an online publisher E-book is available in PDF format, ready for download and viewing across all platforms ie.tablet, laptop, smartphone etc.
Follow this link to ‘Out on the land’ to access it, all proceeds from sales go to my friend Michal, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.You can also support his good fight by visiting his Home page,sigining the Guest Book or Donation.

This one is for you my Friend !

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Spot Check – Indian Park, Cervinia, Italy.

Sunny Park laps in this well – built creative Terrain Park in Italy.Check it out if you are in the area.
Park site and location on the link:

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Cinema-Canterbury,New Zealand skate with IMPO.

Some skateboarding from around Canterbury area in New Zealand with Marcin Orlowski and his friends.Cheers Andy for filming! Music:Soweto by Hieroglyphics feat. Goapele

Impowoods is my own board project straight up from MFG LOCALS Shaping bay in Europe.IMPO is a symbol of reaching out for your own dreams in your own way and never giving up.We started making skateboards and vehicles of mobility on four wheels in November 2012 and in 2013 we are ready for more.Check out our IMPO designs and decks at or like us on Facebook at – these boards are products of our love for the freeriding and travelling lifestyle.IMPO-born in the woods, made to ride!

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Spot check-Barcelona,Spain.

Check out a clip from this amazing City made for Skaters and skateboarding.Spots featured:Parallel,Barcelonetta Banks,Hotel Vela,Beer Banks,Fondo,Besos amongst a few others.Go there at least once in your life if you call yourself a Skateboarder.

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Community-Bangers for Bangers Slopestyle Jam,August 2012,Mt Hutt,NZ

The first snowboarding event and myself organised from scratch with my friend Kieran Tonkin.
We had the best weather the best park and the best Bangers form Last Post Cafe. Heaps of riders from around the world: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Poland, France and god knows where else. Sick tricks, beautiful atmosphere. I couldn’t wish for anything better. Crazy after party in the metropolis of Methven.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to Bangers 4 Bangers especially the team for the amazing snow park and barbee,my friend Tom from Always on the Run Clothing –, Clique Streetwear, –, Greg from Snowtactics – and obviously to all the riders and people who came and had fun with us.

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Trickology-Pole jam 50-50 to bs 360 off

Pole Jam to bs 360 off

Approach:pick a solid line in,more speed is better than less as you will need airtime to clear the knuckle and to spin the bs 360.Setup:Pre-wind your shoulders slightly in the opposite direction to the spin on your way into it,ie.slightly to the frontside heel part of your body for backside spins.Release:Go hard into the rail,box staying flat through your 50-50 and wait until it feels right to pop.Pop evenly off both feet and start to look through your legs for the landing (it helps to lift the back leg up and around).Landing:spot it after the first 270 degrees off rotation and slightly extend your toeside edge to land and grip the snow.Ride away,repeat.
Rider:Marcin Orlowski
Photographer:Sam Parsons

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Spot Check-The Remarkables,New Zealand

The Remarkables Ski Resort near Queenstown in New Zealand is super sweet.Good variety of terrain,awesome Terrain Parks including the famous Burton Stash and lots other fun stuff.Go there to find out for yourself.For more info visit

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Test Runs-Burton Cartel 2012 Binding test on location in New Zealand

Get amongst it – these bindings have helped many Riders (including Travis Rice) elevate their snowboard game to new heights.

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Cinema-’CLIQUE Search & Destroy West Oz Tour 2012′

Check out Summer shenanigans by CLIQUE crew in Western Australia.

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Community-Nike Chosen Tour 2012 at Mt Seymour,British Columbia

Community-Nike Chosen Tour 2012 video clip from Mt Seymour,British Columbia,Canada
The Chosen is an online crew video contest for Snowboarders run through Facebook where style, creativity, and camaraderie reign supreme.It is the new way of doing stuff with your Clique or Posse and showing the rest of the world what it is that you on the daily.Back it up-here at SNOWJUNKIE we think these online Contests are the way of the future!

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